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Looking for HR Projects? We Can Help.

In a world driven by connection, the desire to do meaningful work has never been higher. Hytched has built a new model that allows you to do the work you love. 

We will connect with companies looking for your expertise, and give you a platform with resources to support your work, all while building a community of peers to affiliate with.

Who Wants To Get Hytched? 

Hytched counts dozens of local companies as part of its project network. These partners regularly search for skilled and passionate HR experts to help them with their short and long-term needs. 

Some are interested in small, short-term engagements, while others are interested in longer, retainer-based relationships. Some look for specialized services, and others are looking for general assistance. Some are interested in bringing you onsite, and others are open to more flexible project arrangements. 

As Hytched Project Briefs are submitted, we screen against your Hytched Member Profile to ensure you're matched based on mutual needs and maximum outcomes. 

If you're a match, we let you know. The decision is yours to work with the Hytched Partner, and Hytched won't charge any additional fees or become a middle-man in your relationship. 

A Project Network That Builds Your Brand

Beyond the business development opportunities, Hytched provides a community of other local HR experts who can help build your professional expertise and brand. An annual membership fee gives you access to our membership forum, our members-only searchable database, business development resources and ideas curated by our founders, and more.

Ready To Get Hytched?

We're ready to find you your perfect match. Click below to join Hytched and let our partners know that you're open for business!

Let's Get Started!

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