Our Story

Why Hytched?

While the “gig” concept is not a novel one, the market lacked a quick and cost-effective way for companies to find the HR resources they need, when they need it. 

Hytched was born out of the deep desire to:

  1. Help organizations solve their complex HR needs with interim HR talent, and
  2.  Give the growing number of talented HR experts the opportunity to do the work they love on their own terms. 
Hytched caters to companies of all sizes and HR experts who offer proficiency across multiple functions. By simplifying the search process, the resource is cost-effective and efficient.

How Hytched Was Born

Tracy and Mim met in 2010 and quickly formed a bond. Six years later, their entrepreneurial drive and desire to fulfill the growing needs of organizations in the great Boston market lead to a glorious partnership.

Leveraging their respective networks, complimentary skills, quick wit, and combined talent, they launched Hytched in 2017. 

About Our Founders

Tracy Burns

Unlike so many HR professionals, Tracy didn’t “fall into HR”, she was born into it. After completing her Bachelors in Business and Human Resources, she went on to earn a Master’s in Organizational Development. With nearly 20 years of corporate HR experience, she’s has performed and lead every facet of the HR profession.

Tracy has both a deep understanding of the profession and a vast network of professional colleagues, many whom she calls friends. Over the years she’s worked to help many of them find the work they love. Rewriting resumes, helping to hone interview skills and connecting them with organizations who value their skills.

Since 2010, Tracy has lead the largest HR association in the Northeast. As the CEO of NEHRA (Northeast HR Association), she has a pulse on the market and a keen awareness of the evolving needs of both experienced HR professionals and organizations that need HR expertise to meet their business objectives.

Mim Minichiello

Mim is a veteran of the insurance industry, with years spent building teams and organizations who can create innovative solutions for companies.  However, at her core, she describes herself as a catalyst for people searching for meaning in the work they do.  She has a great passion for helping people clear the noise and focus on doing the work they love.  She's always been most rewarded when she helps one of her many "friends' find their next great assignment. She describes it as a privilege to work on one of the most critical decisions a person can make -- where and whom to work with.

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